Located in Shandong Province, Qingzhou Xinhe Greenhouse Horticulture Co.,Ltd has focused on greenhouse designing, manufacturing and construction for over 12 years. In the passing years, Xinhe Grennhouse helps our customers from China and overseas markets build hundreds of different types of greenhouses for vegetable planting, flower planting and many other uses. Besides the mainland market, Xinhe Greenhouse is aggressive enough to extend our overseas markets. Now we have projects in many foreign countries such as Thailand, Qatar, UAE, Uzbekistan, Japan, North Korea, Turkmenistan, India, Malasyia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Ukraine, Egypt, Australia, Kuwait,etc. And we also attend many exhibitions in Australia, USA, UAE, Uzbeksitan, Russia, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, etc.

  • Provide all technical guidance for agricultural flowers
  • Technical staff
  • Vegetable cultivation is also provided
  • floriculture
  • Ecological restaurant
  • Ecological tourism
  • Successful cases of fruit and vegetable picking.
Our factory
Qingzhou Xinhe Greenhouse Horticulture Co.,Ltd